Stock Administration

Stock Option Administration & Cap Table Management

Stock option and stock grants help Companies attract and retain top talent. Grants need to be processed timely and accurately for proper accounting and controls. In alliance with Carta, Capshare, Solium CapMx, and Solium ShareWorks product platforms, Kranz provides complete stock administration service to our clients. We are also experienced with other stock option administration software products B of A Merrill Lynch, Equity Edge.


Benefits of using Kranz & Associates

  • Experienced staff with over 20 years of stock administration
  • Cost savings over other providers
    • Our hourly rates are a third of the law firm rates
    • ASC 718 costs are significantly reduced
    • Our clients have more control over stock administration
  • Grants are processed timely
  • Optionee can review their agreements online
  • Reporting is faster and simpler
  • We provide outside counsel with rights to view and broad cap table administration

Stock Administration Services

  • Complete set up of stock administration policies, procedures and processes
  • Coordinate with outside counsel for all the documentation related to the Cap Table, and set-up companies on stock platforms and maintain the Cap Table, including detailed transactions related to common stock, preferred, warrants, options and convertible notes
  • Management and administration of all options and awards activity – grants, exercises, repurchases and cancellations
  • Significantly reduce the legal costs by handling Cap Table Management which are incurred monthly

Accounting and Reporting

  • Monthly reporting
    • Stock option and awards activity
    • Full cap table
  • Provide additional reports to auditors and company
  • Generate and file 3921 forms
  • Online access is available for all employees
  • ASC 718
    • Black-Scholes/Binomial Lattice models valuations and related footnote preparation for option and award grants

For more information contact: admin@kranzassoc.com