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When ClimateWorks Foundation, a global philanthropic network that distributes funds worldwide to non-profits, launched in 2008, we had to ensure our financial activities met the highest standards for transparency, accuracy, and compliance. We turned to Kranz, which delivered a complete team, from CFO to staff accountant, and had us up and running within weeks. After providing an excellent and cost-effective interim solution, Kranz eventually helped us transition seamlessly to in-house finance and accounting staff.

Mark Burgett
President & COO, Climateworks Foundation

I have worked with Mike and his team at Kranz & Associates on our Venture Fund as well as on many of our portfolio companies. Their professionalism, ability to provide a complete and capable finance team, understanding of the debt market and revenue recognition rules, all have made a huge difference in the growth of our businesses. Kranz consistently adds superior value in our companies and our Venture Fund.

Asha Jadej
Founder, Dot Edu Ventures

I think very highly of your firm and its service – it’s outstanding!

Executive of Hewlett Foundation
Hewlett Foundation

I have recommended Kranz and Associates to several of my portfolio companies to provide full service CFO/Finance support, as well as consulting on seeking and structuring venture debt. In each case they have delivered excellent results with a qualified, professional, ethical & cost effective team.

Pete Solvik
Managing Director, Sigma Partners

I worked with Kranz & Associates both at a company I founded and on a startup where I served as a Board Member. They provided professional guidance, secured excellent terms for venture debt, and drove the planning process which allowed us to focus on the technology, and be more strategic and efficient. They are professional, and deliver critical financial information quickly and cost effectively. I would recommend Kranz & Associates to other early stage start ups.

Bill Coughran, Currently at Google
Former CEO & founder, Entrisphere

Bud has been a valuable resource for our portfolio companies. The financial and operations experience that he brings to the table allows our CEOs to focus on the product development, marketing and sales aspects of the business while Bud and his team focus on the financial requirements. They present the financial information in a way that allows us to quickly assess the current state of the company and how well it is tracking to our financial goals and objectives. Bud has made a difference in our companies by acting as a strategic partner to the management team.

Mike Schuh
General Partner, Foundation Capital

At our investor’s recommendation, we engaged Kranz & Associates to act as CFO and our finance organization. They immediately added value by implementing our accounting system, negotiating debt, providing best practices and finally taking the lead as financial advisor during our $3.25B Merger transaction. Their experience and business acumen make them an invaluable partner!

Greg Resnick
CEO, Xros, acquired by Nortel

Bud Austin (Kranz & Associates) was very helpful in getting our finances organized when we were too young to justify having our own internal staff; his work was useful and greatly appreciated.

Jeremy Stoppelman
CEO, Yelp

Lourdes has been working at Kranz & Associates for 25 years. “Working with a variety of emerging clients, many for more than 5 years each, has been rewarding and has provided me with new challenges and continued professional growth.”

Lourdes Rabelo-Spang
Employee, Kranz & Associates

As a financial professional with over 25 years of experience in a broad range of firms, I was introduced to Kranz through our Board who had a long standing relationship with Kranz & Associates. Comparing Kranz with other firms, I looked at their clientele, professional reputation, quality of the professionals they attracted and retained in their organization, and their unique ability to service a broad range of client needs in a cost effective manner. Kranz & Associates was hands down the ‘best of class”

Glenn Goelz
Employee, Kranz & Associates

At Kranz & Associates, I am able to have flexibility to accommodate my active life. As a new mother, Kranz & Associates has offered infinite solutions to my various scheduling dilemmas. I am at a company where I am valued and feel passionate about my work. Each day presents a new challenge and I welcome it with open arms. The learning never stops and the perks are “AWESOME”!

Kranz & Associates

Kranz & Associates provided outstanding cost effective service assisting me with our CFO transition including systems and controls review, hiring accounting personnel and reporting to the board of directors.

Helen M. Parke, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Cisco Learning Institute

Our thanks to Kranz & Associates, and especially to Devonne, for her dedication, support, and enthusiasm. She is devoted, hard-working, conscientious and does whatever it takes to get the job done. I know I can rely on her. She is a pleasure to work with and I feel fortunate to have her as a part of my team.

Tami MacDuff
CFO, Biz 360

Bud has been very instrumental in helping us substantially improve our financial processes and played a critical role in our successful financing. I really enjoyed working with Bud. It’s hard to imagine someone putting as much hard work and effort as Bud has, into a company that wasn’t his full time employer.

Craig Palmer
President, Gracenote (acquired by Sony)

We started working with Bud Austin as CFO from day one and our team has expanded as the company has grown. We have found that everyone at Kranz provides diligent and reliable service to our organization, far beyond what we would have been able to afford in our early days. I have complete confidence in Bud and the team to provide us everything from tactical check writing to strategic financial planning.

Doug Knopper
Co-founder & Co-CEO, Freewheel

Having served as an Ernst & Young audit partner for 19 years, I was familiar with reputation and quality work of Kranz & Associates. I was so impressed, that upon my retirement after the ArcSight IPO filing where Kranz assisted, I joined their team to provide these services to companies contemplating public offerings or mergers at reasonable costs.

Nigel Martin, Retired EY Partner
Employee, Kranz & Associates/h6>

As an investor, advisor and board member of both startups and public companies, I have looked to Kranz & Associates to provide top tier executives, seasoned financial executives and complete teams. I consider them a world class financial services provider and give them my highest recommendation.

Frank J. Marshall
General Partner, Timark LP

We have worked with Bud Austin and the team from Kranz & Associates on several of our portfolio companies. They have provided excellent professional guidance and support to our companies in all aspects of business operations and strategic financial needs. Bud takes an active role within our companies working closely with the CEO and other management team members to insure that the systems and processes put in place will scale and help the companies manage resources appropriately.

Roger Lee
General Partner, Battery Ventures

Kranz & Associates really understands what it takes to support a venture backed company. They have a talented pool of people that are able to step into your finance organization and provide immediate value.

Matt Jones
CEO, Cloudshield

Mike Kranz and his team are a tremendous asset to our venture fund. We quickly recognized their expertise and moved all our fund work to them. Our portfolio companies get excellent accounting support with access to the highest caliber CFO’s for strategic issues. Their cost effective solution makes them a valuable partner.

Mike Maples, Jr.
Managing Partner, Maples Investments

As first-time founders of a start up, our investor, Sequoia, introduced us to Kranz & Associates. They immediately began providing value by restructuring debt proposals and providing an accounting team that was at the right level and cost for what we needed. Their ability to provide support ranging from CFO services to basic purchasing assistance gave us access to resources we could not otherwise afford. If you are a start up, you need Kranz & Associates!

Kevin Coakley
Co-founder & CEO, Thin Silicon

Mike Kranz and Kranz & Associates are regarded as the premiere CFO and financial services firm in Silicon Valley. Their professional work on both my Angel Investors Fund and many of my portfolio companies has been invaluable. They have deep industry knowledge and networks that save my companies time and money. Kranz & Associates has my highest recommendation.

Ron Conway
Special Investor, SV Angel Investor

Kranz & Associates has been engaged with many of our companies over the years. I’ve been extremely pleased with the quality of service and deliverables as well as the network they extend to our companies. I can recommend Kranz without hesitation.

John Jarve
Managing Director, Menlo Ventures